New Balance 624 v2 Review

new balance 624 v2 review

The New Balance 624 V2 is a versatile and dependable cross-training shoe designed to meet the demands of various athletic activities. These shoes are known for their exceptional comfort and durability, making them a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. The 624 V2 features a leather upper for durability and support, with perforations to enhance breathability.

One standout feature is the ABZORB cushioning technology in the midsole, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning for your workouts, reducing the strain on your joints. The shoe also incorporates a non-marking rubber outsole for reliable traction on various surfaces.

Ride Experience

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The New Balance 624 V2 offers a comfortable and stable ride experience suitable for a range of athletic activities. With its ABZORB cushioning technology, these shoes provide a plush and responsive feel underfoot. Whether you’re running, weightlifting, or participating in cross-training, the cushioning effectively absorbs shock, reducing the impact on your joints and minimizing fatigue during workouts.

The shoe’s supportive leather upper with perforations ensures a secure fit and good breathability, keeping your feet comfortable and cool throughout your activities. The midsole provides a balanced blend of cushioning and support, making it suitable for both short, high-intensity workouts and longer training sessions.

One notable feature is the non-marking rubber outsole, which offers reliable traction on a variety of surfaces, enhancing stability and preventing slips. The New Balance 624 V2 is designed for those seeking a versatile athletic shoe that delivers a comfortable, supportive, and enjoyable ride experience, making it a solid choice for both casual gym-goers and dedicated athletes alike.


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The New Balance 624 V2 is a performance-driven cross-training shoe that excels in various athletic activities. Its performance attributes make it a go-to choice for many fitness enthusiasts.

The shoe’s leather upper provides robust durability and lateral support, making it ideal for activities that involve quick lateral movements, such as agility drills or court sports. The perforations in the upper enhance breathability, keeping your feet comfortable during strenuous workouts.

What truly sets the 624 V2 apart is its midsole equipped with ABZORB cushioning technology. This technology offers exceptional shock absorption, reducing the impact on your joints and providing a plush and comfortable feel during high-impact activities like running and jumping. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals with joint or knee concerns.

The non-marking rubber outsole ensures reliable traction on gym floors, tracks, or courts, enhancing stability and preventing slips during multidirectional movements.


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The New Balance 624 V2 is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it a popular choice for those seeking long-lasting cross-training and athletic shoes. Several key factors contribute to its durability.

Firstly, the shoe’s upper is often constructed from high-quality materials such as leather. Leather is known for its robustness and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, the reinforced overlays in key areas enhance the shoe’s structural integrity, preventing premature damage.

The durability of the 624 V2 is further underscored by its midsole technology. The incorporation of ABZORB cushioning not only provides superior comfort but also excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on the shoe’s components and extending its lifespan.

Furthermore, the non-marking rubber outsole is designed to withstand the rigors of various training surfaces. Its strong grip ensures longevity, even during high-intensity workouts.

Upper Fit

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The New Balance 624 V2 is renowned for its upper that prioritizes both comfort and support, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a versatile and accommodating fit.

Crafted with a combination of leather and synthetic materials, the upper of the 624 V2 offers a sturdy and durable construction. The leather component provides structural support, making it suitable for a range of athletic activities, while synthetic overlays enhance the shoe’s overall stability.

One standout feature is the dual-density collar foam. This design element not only provides cushioning around the ankle but also contributes to a snug fit, preventing unnecessary movement inside the shoe. It’s especially valuable during lateral movements, ensuring your foot remains securely in place.

New Balance 624 v2 Pros and Cons


  1. Versatile for various sports.
  2. Great cushioning and durability.
  3. Secure fit.
  4. Non-marking outsole.


  1. Heavier than some shoes.
  2. Not ideal for long runs.
  3. Limited styles.
  4. Can be narrow for wider feet.


The New Balance 624 v2 is a game-changer for me. As someone who values both comfort and durability in a training shoe, this model ticks all the boxes. The cushioning is exceptional, providing the perfect blend of support and impact absorption during my workouts and daily activities. I appreciate the wide fit, which accommodates my feet comfortably, and the ample arch support that reduces fatigue.

Moreover, the leather upper adds a touch of durability and classic style to these sneakers. They’ve become my go-to choice for various activities, from gym sessions to leisurely walks. However, one drawback is their weight, as they’re a bit bulkier compared to some other athletic shoes. But for me, the overall comfort and support outweigh this minor inconvenience. In summary, the New Balance 624 v2 has become an integral part of my active lifestyle, offering the comfort and reliability I need in a training shoe.

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